Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 2009

Halloween pumpkin cake
It's Halloween....! My sons and daughter were so thrilled when I hoohoohoo them with the pumpkin in my hand. One of the twins thinks it's real (the pumpkin still with me at this very moment until the owner pick it up tomorrow). Sorry bebe, mama cannot light it up for you ;-)

There it is my pumpkin with a bunch of witches, cool party with cool costumes, next year I definitely wanna copy this witch party for my girl. Nimi.

This cake is for the cutest baby in my neborhood (until that title crowned on someone else - well, there's always new baby born here at my condo). I hope her mum who've been pressuring me to make the nicest cake for Reina will be satisfied. Hey there Irene! If I can touch up some more, I'll do it later. See u tomorrow at the party!

Golf cake for dearest hubby on anniversary? I've always wanted to make that dot dot on fondant golf ball and see how it's like, here's my chance and i think it does look like one

I was so excited making this cake, and the result made many faces happy especially the bday girl Nisya, my friend's daughter. It was a good party with many old friends from school and college. My life is blessed with good friends good people..

Friday, October 16, 2009

October 2009

Babyshower cupcakes I made for Zeaty, a friend of mine from college
some 12 years ago, she came with Shima yesterday, sooooo great to see them again, and none
of us have changed that much over the years, good hahh? ;-)