Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Weddings and Gifts

Wedding cake

Khas untuk Nani, tq for asking me to make this cake, there was a pause actually on 'how do I make the box', I figured it out eventually, Obviously :)).

Wedding cupcakes

This wedding cupcakes also for my best buddy who ordered this for her cousin. I had fun making it, the colors are all my choice. Everyone loved it and said 'cantik lagi enak...' haha

June 2011 cupcakes

Wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes made for simple occassion

Little Einsteins cupcakes - aren't they cute!

June 2011 Birthdays

Cinderella princess cake

My favourite for the month, I would love to have 1 for myself ;)

Spa cake
This one is for my good friend's daughter, they loved it!

Lightning McQueen cake

Princess cake

Little Einsteins cake

It's the cutest cake, my babies love Little Einsteins, but since they see me everyday making cake, they walk pass without noticing the cake or me LOL

Another Ariel cake

Also for my good friend, said the cake so pretty, it made my day.