Friday, June 22, 2012

June 2012 Weddings and Gifts

 A wedding gift
Something I must share. I learned to make the flowers from the internet, name it youtube, or other websites. They helped me achieve what I was hoping for. To make this flowers takes a lot of time and patient. It's a work of art, the details deserve an atttention from those who appreciate the delicacy.

A simple wedding gift

June 2012 Birthdays

Dibo the Gift dragon 

Dinasour Train 
There's a lot of work involved in this one. But according to the boy's mother, the cake was a big hit at school, making it all worth it.

Buttercake for High tea 

Spongebob cake
I like spongebob expression in this one but I should have made the base color more blue. Next time! 

A&W cake
The party was at A&W fastfood, and the mom asked me to make the cake accordingly :), A&W mascot that is, here it is, She was very happy to see the outcome exactly like how she imagined.

June 2012 cupcakes

Choc moist with chocolate buttercream
Tq Suzi for asking me to make this 

Butter cupcakes with buttercream