Monday, May 24, 2010

MAY - month of mothers and birthdays

This month is a busy month, I lost my camera for 2 weeks, one of the twins played with it and accidentally kept it in one of his sister's countless bags (girls have tons of bags but they never seems to be enough !) There are more cake pics that I can't upload, I tried to use phone camera but the photos turn out horrible so..wait if I get the pics from some of my friends -yeah yeah..u know who u are!
I went back to my home town, didn't bring the whole clan, left hubby and twins behind (didn't know it was gonna be emotional when we were about to leave the house thinking this was the first time I travelled without the twins).
It was different this time, I spent a lot of time with my sister, talking rubbish and laugh and the audience was my daughter, marvelled at how close we are as sisters. She said "it's unfair I don't have a sister like you, it's so fun looking at you and mak long", and I said " sorry darling, mama dah tutup kedai, 3 is more than enough, in fact, mama already pengsan everyday when u all fight"
I checked in at a local hotel, my mother and sister came to lepak with me and my daughter. Poor mother, she takes care of my sick brother at home and never gets to go anywhere. So staying at the hotel is like a holiday break for her. You have no idea what mothers would do for the sake of their children, unless you're a mother, hehe - mothers out there!! it's late but here in Malaysia everything is celebrated for a month, so cheers to all the mothers who forego their own happiness for the benefit of their children, and I've known many!
It's also my birthday this month, my daughter complains that it's a pokai month for her since she has to come up with two presents, mothers day and my birthday. Guess what she gave me for my birthday, 10 ringgit!! (errr...tq honey! ok ok I shouldn't laugh, it's the thought that counts thingy :-))
Well, there are so many movies to watch, Shrek, Prince of Persia, Ironman 2(haven't seen it until I download a good copy). I saw Robin Hood, what can u expect from the same director, when Robin came back to the burnt village, he squatted and I was like "don't touch the sand, don't pick up the sand" but he did, so the image of Maximus quickly came to mind. But I love it anyway, Ridley Scott can never go wrong. It's the best looking Little John out of all the Robin Hoods. Altho Russel Crowe-Robin/Maximus never gives me that YUMMY effect like Viggo Mortensen-Aragorn or Matthew Fox-Jack Shephard from Lost. Alright..stop drooling and off I go!! ;-)

May 2010 Birthdays

Dinosaur cake
My masterpiece for the month, kids love this creature from cretaceous period. What we don't have is what interests us the most. These Jurassic dinasours clearly represent the same effect like the rest of the superheroes, GIGANTIC, POWERFUL, AGGRESIVE etc

Another popular order!

May 2010 cupcakes

Teachers day cuppies

Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 2010 Cupcakes

Oreo plus

Wedding cupcakes