Monday, August 16, 2010

Watch & Read

Barbie cupcakes for Nuha, tq Wan Mar, glad she loved it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

August 2010 Birthdays

Toy Story cake
The customer wanted edible image for this one, but 3 days notice is not enough to order, so she asked me to draw one of the characters, I hope it does look like Woody. I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 in a big "rombongan", went with Irene and Suzi and their kids. But the movie didn't do much to them, it's one of those they never mention to see again, unlike Prince of Persia, that one mummy also don't mind Dastan a few more times ;-)

Cake of the month! Thank you Alia for asking me to do this cake. The color choice is very intereting. I like!

Winnie the Pooh cake from teacher Madya. Appy Bday Nina!

August 2010 Cupcakes

Full Moon cupcakes
I know I dont have to make the booties everytime but I just can't resist them, they look so cute!

2 pastel-color cupcakes for 2 different girls. I know I've been lazy updating my blog but here I am, back again with some of the photos. I didn't even snap the 250 cuppies I made. Anyway, I'm happy. I went to see Slash concert last night at Sunway surfbeach. Awesome performance, Awesome Slash! Will put one of the pics later.

Winnie the Pooh for 22 years old? Well, Pooh is adorable to resist. I like this one, my head must be right that day to come up with perfect color combination, well done me! (what's wrong with me today!?!!)

A customer asked for cupcakes with flowers, she ordered 100 pcs. And said the school kids were happy to see them.