Monday, February 15, 2010

February Birthday cakes

I'm so happy that somebody like the girl-version of this cake and ordered one for her son. She asked for choc cake, but oh my, I didnt know doing the blocks for choc cake is so much much harder, it's because pieces from the choc cake will stick to the fondant and it's impossible to clean, this will be the last time I do choc cake for the blocks, after this only buttercake I can offer. I hope the owner of this cake is happy with the cake inside out. Thank you for the order.

Two chocolate cakes with choc topping, another popular order from customers.

This one, customer wanted orange cake with creamcheese and BEN 10 of course for her son.

Princess Ariel cake

I'm sure many little girls are big fans of Ariel. This girl Qistina is a very cute girl, I will put up her photo later. Hopefully her mum will send me ASAP. I finally get to do a disney character sitting on top of a rock. The one that interests me the most is tinkerbell. Hopefully there'll be customer asking for tinkerbell next time around.

February cupcakes

These two cupcakes are for Chinese New Year gift. I quite like the red, it's nice sometimes to see bright colours on my cuppies.

I get this order from a customer asking specifically for green theme. I hope they are ok with my design.

As usual Oreo cuppies popular demand

I like this cupcakes, the pics are from the customer and she gave me such a warm feedback. I appreciate that very much, tq!

A few more cupcakes from customers.