Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nov 2010 Weddings

I made the flowers myself, it's not easy but the result made this cake one-of-a-kind, well not to say it's the most gorgeous cake but you won't get the flowers anywhere else in KL, yeay to me (oh dear, I'm in one of those moods again).

Human Vs Robots = Gadgets Vs Bonds

We live in a world that's going thru a fast changing life style, if the generation before us lose their jobs to machines, I'm losing my kids to gadgets , and it's all up to me to decide, which is tough if there are totally 2 different individuals in the house. Old fashion? Call me what u want, if old-fashion means the last bit u have as a human then, be it! You share a life with someone who u don't even want to converse with, I think as a robot, u are the one who's confused. If everything that u built so far does not leave u with a bit of interest (enough to make u put away your gadgets), then there's no point claiming they are yours. It doesn't take a genius to tell u it is plain rude to be conversing with people on twitter while having friends what more family members with u, the ones who should matter most in your life since who you are now is a combination of the existence of these people.

If u stuff your kids with gadgets, name it ipod, ipad, PSP, PS2, Xbox+Kinect, u send them away, their bond is not with u but with the machines, and on your part, u say u care but u actually want to get rid of them or softer words, take away the time u should spend with them.

I'm not saying I should be "katak bawah tempurung" for not being supportive of the gadgets idea. But each and everything we have has a limit, Xbox Kinect is an excellent tools for family-get-together (meaning one of them is not free to chat on twitter while spending time with family- there's a reason why they call it QUALITY TIME!)

Having said all this, I'm a pro-technology, I'd be happiest if one day the Russian 500-days team make it to Mars, or if Planet Nibiru decides to pass by bringing along existence from other universe. I would love to live to see things materialised.

I take this opportunity to say thank you to someone who says "take care of yourself" which convey a totally huge meaning, and it triggered, I SHOULD take care of myself, love myself more!

To my customers, here some wedding cakes from someone who loves herself more than she did yesterday, happy hols, and recommend my cakes to your family and friends, TQ

I like this one although I would prefer less flowers than this, bride wanted a flowery flow so I had to fill up the tiers with some, well with tons :))

This is actually not one of my bests but the bride request for that color combination, i can do better and hope to do better everytime.

I must say, this is my favourite for the month. Not easy to do, but the result is what I've imagined. To the bride, hope she likes my work.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 2010 Birthdays

Beyblade birthday cake

Ultraman Mebius

A good friend asked me to make little duckies for her cute lil girl

And there they are on birthday cake and cupcakes

Guitar cake
My first attempt

This is what the customer says "Tq so much for baking the Barney cake for me, everyone liked the cake - fondant sweetness was just right as well", Tq Fara, it was fun for me to make this cake too!

Ultraman cake for Ultraman big fan

A little teddy cake for Sarah Isabel

Nov 2010 cupcakes

Cupcakes for November