Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just A Thought

I got news from a friend's maid who is a close friend to my maid that she's not coming back to work with me after 6 years, and not telling me which is the saddest part. So today not a good day, this feeling of betrayal is overcoming all my calm senses. I didn't know it was gonna hurt me this much. She came with zero knowledge, no idea what a microwave was, didn't know that gargle is for mouth not for washing machine and the elevator is to take u up and down.

I was not being very nice to her, the agent charged me so much money, yet sent me a maid who had eye and ear problem. I took her to a spectacle shop and they told me her vision was imbalanced and needed more than a pair of glasses to perfect it. We made her new glasses anyway. And I noticed she had hearing problem, couldn't hear properly. She finally told one of her friends one of her ears is not working. So there u go, our decision is to accept her weaknesses and she had to tolerate our needs that mostly she had no idea what.

Years passed and we finally come to this time when we understand each other. I reminded her countless time, if she wanted to leave my family and go somewhere else or if she wanted to get married again, let me know. I would let her.

But deciding to not come back is such a betrayal. I don't know why she decides what she decides but I hope there's a tiny bit of regret doing what she does. In not so many words, my family loves her. And with that we say goodbye.

2011 October Cupcakes

Baby shower cupcake - Tq Jaja

Red velvet cupcakes - this is one hot-seller

2011 October Birthdays

Thomas train cake

Like! Like! Like! I'm all excited when it comes to new design. Although this is a design I copy somewhere, it turns out exactly like I imagine. Tq cousin-in-law! :)


Some girls ordered this for their collegue who's leaving the company, said something like somebody from the office liked the girl? And he looked like hercules? I think it's cute and funny. Tq girls, glad to see u all the other day.

Dora cake - cake of the month

I personally like this one, and as usual I get awesome feedback from Hani my regular customer. Tq dear, I know u have one excellent taste in cakes and I'm honoured not to fail u everytime :)

Planet cake

Melvin- a smart boy (Irene, I say nice nice about your nephew arr, next time order some more!)

Dora cake again

I was worried sick customer wouldn't like this cake, I was so under the weather that day, high temperature and stomach pain, but when she came back saying everyone loved the cake, it couldn't make me happier.

Rocker mama mia!

Love this one! I'm getting more white hair but will not let go! Keep rocking u mamas. Don't give up from S to M,or from M to L. Keep fit, stay healthy, eat healthy.