Monday, April 19, 2010

April 2010 Weddings and Gifts

This one, customer asked for a plain fondant cake, no, not plain, she asked me not to put flowers on top of the cake, I imagine pale yellow or white with gold trimming roses would be perfect for this cake, I hope Sharifah will send me the photo later once she put the flowers of her choice.
(May 1st, 2.04am)

My favourite for this month altho I think I could have done better, it's not perfect for me but my dear friend kind enough to say it's gorgeous as always. This one is more renyah than I thought but fun to make. I spent the whole night decorating 15pcs altogether. Blame the `video games live concert' I went to in KLCC. It was awesome I dont regret going. For video game freaks, check out this concert again next year. I promise u it's something different to enjoy. You can take the kids too, they'll enjoy it. I'm not so much a gamer but I love every bit of it. The concert finished at 11.30pm, 12 am I reached home and started to decorate this mini cakes until the next morning, and guess what? Mum in law (MIL) came to visit, no time to whine, went to the market, cooked laksa and bought some other stuffs to make my dining table look more inviting. Lucky MIL not the fussypot. She said, enough Norli, just go to sleep, and I did right after lunch while talking to her, can ah??

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 2010 Birthdays

Orange cake with buttercream
It's 2am in the morning, I just finished this last cake for today. I was thinking of some of my friends that I have to say no to for their orders. I wish I could make the cakes for your daughters but I'll be in kampung visiting my mother. I sooo look forward to it. Travelling with only my daughter this time, girls trip should be fun.

(May 1st, 2.14am)
Barbie Butterfly

It's beginning to be popular order for this one. I'm too sleepy to write, otherwise it'd be fun to just let my fingers run thru the keyboard. One of the news that caught my attention is the global warming (ya ya..I feel it the most, I wait for my daughter everyday at school under the hot steamy sun, and it literally burns your brain). I think human should stop re-producing, do not bring anymore little ones, the earth not gonna be a nice place to live by the time they reach adulthood. My daughter said, she doesnt wanna get married, what more having children, I said, good for you darling. Well, before I start sleep-writting, I should say gnite all, enjoy the weekend, will I? sigh..

(May 1st, 2.38am)

These 2 cakes were last minute order, I usually come up with nicer idea for bday cake but this was too last minute, hope the owner liked them anyway.

Red version of the chanel handbag.