Monday, December 14, 2009

Dec 2009 Birthdays

Butterfly cake

It's butterfly again, one of my favourites. I'm very happy that the girls love it. I can do this cake again and again, the result always satisfy me.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dec 2009 Weddings and Gifts

Engagement cupcakes

Dec 2009 cupcakes

Cupcakes for 1-yr-old

Masquerade party cupcakes

The masks are similar to the 'owner of the cupcakes's mask, the one she'll be wearing to her masquerade party. Thanx to a good friend who always believe in me. ( Dec 11, 4.01am)

Hello Kitty cupcakes

I never paid much attention to 'hello kitty' stuff. After making this cuppies, I change my mind. They are actually very cute. (Dec 11, 4.07am)

I didn't realise the wordings a bit senget until I upload this pic. I must work on my writting skill more so it won't hurt the eyes when looking at it.

It's kinda cool to draw logos, this is my first time, the blue's not the right blue tho, I've been trying to get dark blue coloring but to no avail, maybe I've looked at the wrong shops.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nov 2009 cupcakes

An old friend of mine came to collect her orders, her eldest now is 9, the last time we met was just before she got married. I guess my cakes not only add my rezeki but also bring back friends that I've not seen for over 10 years. It's a blessing :-)

This seems to be quite popular order, I've done this Oreo cupcakes many times, not sure if I uploaded the pics before. (Nov 28 2.20pm)

Football theme from a daddy for his one-year old son, this one is medium size. (Nov 28 2.20pm)

I have not seen Upin and Ipin, but I'm sure it catches the hearts of so many young children. I see the pics everywhere. Even my twins family-day at school gave out Upin Ipin T.shirts as presents, and they were so happy to wear them. (Nov 28 2.20pm)

I usually dont upload new photos for cupcakes. It's because they are repeat orders and design are more or less the same. But today I feel like uploading this two. This one is made for engagement.

And this one is a request all the way from Doha, from my dear friend Ida.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nov 2009 Twilight Special

Alice Cullen cake

After seeing this cake, my daughter screamed and said " it's unfair..! someone else gets to order this cake first (with pouting mouth hehe)". I guess Ashley Greene has some appeal to young children. I will have to make Alice Cullen cake again next month for her birthday. Hopefully I can find different picture than this one. (Dec 21, 3.04am)

New Moon cake

Not only movies have sequels, my cakes too...! I knew it, after my Twilight, sure there'd be demand for New Moon, isn't it cool peeps!!
(Dec 1, 2009)
I saw New Moon, When Edward popped the question in the final scene, I unconsciously replied, "yeah..marry me too!!". How embarassing, the whole cinema could hear my whispering voice (giggle in my heart).

I like the whole story in the movie, the usual 'beginning', 'developing' and 'climax' are good, only the 'ending' is a bit of a problem for me. I know New Moon is not supposed to be about 'Edward and Bella' but 'Bella and Jacob'. But isn't the Twilight saga all about the love story between the vampire and the human beauty?

For me, I was hoping to see a more soothing ending with Edward and Bella walking hand in hand or cuddling in the meadow or piggy-backing thru the forest or anything to comfort me that the whole point is about these two people.

And another thing is, the ending is like an episode of a soap opera, something like, "oh yeah, dont worry folks, we'll see what happens next tomorrow or the next week". Worse when it's like Lt.Horatio Caine at the end of a scene. Those who watch CSI Miami or used to watch will know what I mean ;-D.

It's not like we'll see what's next in a couple of months, this is one year we are talking about, if I were to be 39 years of age, It'd be a major event reaching 40, and that's how long one year is, like a decade difference (ok, I'm a little carried away already).

Anyhow, I love the movie, lighting not so kind to Edward this time tho, he looks less cute, maybe the camera only focuses on how good the biceps look on Jacob Black, hehehe...hubby hon! your biceps look hawt too!!

Twilight cake

This is choc cake with choc ganache. The weight is close to 1.3kilo. With a bit of decoration, I take rm60 for this cake, the edible image is separate. All special edible image will have an extra charge of rm25, so this cake is 60+25= rm85.
I was so waiting for somebody to order Twilight cake and yesss, finally I got it. A simple chocolate cake with Twilight edible image on top. I'm actually a Twilighter (not die-hard fan tho). I finished reading all the 4 books in 2 weeks. It was very irresponsible of me to be lost in the world of a teenager but to those who know me, I never really grew up, so a big part of me is still stuck in "never never land".
So here's what i think:
After finishing the entire saga, I think there's absolutely no reason to stay human.

1) Human dont get to live forever. NASA's sensing satelite discovered that there's water on the moon.This also means that one day scientists might be able to "live off the land". The mission will continue from moon to Mars. Isn't it a shame if we do not get to live to see what's going on next, whether humans would eventually find their way out of this galaxy? Ok, back to Twilight saga. Vampires live forever, I'd offer myself to be one so I'd have that chance to ride on a space ship and off to Mars!!

2) Vampires are one-woman men and vice versa. U see.. human beings mostly are not loyal/faithful or however else u want to call it. My husband is not one of them of course ;-). If u know James' character in the movie, he was ripped apart and burnt to pieces. In the sequels, Victoria (his partner - in an animal world she would be mate) would never stop hunting Bella since Bella is seen as the reason for her loss. Rosalie and Emmet are like one thing, so are Alice and Jasper. Good or bad, bloodsuckers are the best life partner you'll ever have (if only they really existed).

3) Vampires are superheroes with superpowers. Wouldn't this world be a better place if there's more of this species than the weaker ones? Imagine all the impossible things like a vampire becoming a marine biologist. He wouldn't need an oxygen tank to go a 1000 feet deep into the sea. She could walk on the moon breathless. Their venoms could do wonders, even the terminally ill could be cured. Let alone the speed when they move, it'd come in handy when it comes to combating crime.

4) All Vampires are angelic with a certain glow. When u become a vampire, your skin changes, u are more shiny and you'll look fairer. It would be perfect for those longing to look better than they do now.
Well, these are a few of the many reasons why becoming a vampire is advantageous. I personally think the author Stephenie Meyer has a bit of a little girl in her, creating this perfect world for every girl's dream, to have somebody to love you unconditionally, and to have 2 superpowers to protect you every step of the way. It's the most fairy tale of fairy tales I've ever come across. And I thank Stephenie Meyer for this beautiful piece she created. Who wouldn't dream of a perfect world.....:-)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nov 2009

I didn't know this Group, but now I do, they're called Super Junior from Korea.

Someone is a cat-lover. The one who ordered this says, "asalkan ada kucing with a crown on it", and it must be pinkish and very girlish. It's my favourite for today :-) Nov 28 2.55pm)

It's the popular dude again, Ben10 is never ending request. My daughter's also a fan. I thought I try something different today instead of the ones I usually make. (Nov 28 2.50pm)

Mommies...!! here's one very girlish and pinkish cake. I was a bit worried when decorating it since her mum said Afrina's very particular about her birthday cake. But later a warm sms with a big HAPPY word in it comforted me. Another task is done for today, only I wonder what keeps me awake until this hour, oh ya, it's twins regular "susu" intake. I better head back to my pillow otherwise there'll be one cranky mommy tomorrow, not good, not good.
(Nov 18 2.41am) 1 1/2 kilo cake and cupcakes RM110

Another Ben10 request from a Ben10 fan. This is 1 1/2 recipe which is +- 1 1/2 kilo. The size of the cake box is 13". Well, homemade cakes won't be as big as the ones from bakery shops. Homemades are typically 'solid' cakes whereas bakeries mostly give you hollow sponge. The color combination screams 'BOY', I love it! I went out for dinner with some old friends last night and told them how it actually gives me nightmares if i don't manage to make perfect, pretty cakes for my customers, and this customer just texted saying how much she loves it. Aawwh... bliss. (Nov 14 11.00am)

I intended to do Barbie Mariposa but it's like copying someone else's idea, so i gave my personal touch to it, a fairy with butterfly wings. And it feels nice after a whole day decorating cake, tired and weightless, if only I could fly like a fairy, I'd be just like this one! Ok, this is go-get-some-sleep norli talking, I better stop now.
(Nov 8 12.39 am)

Oooppss not yet sleepy head..., this is supposed to be dinosaur, my sons said dinohorse. I hope Mitchell will be happy with this creature from Jurassic park (Nov 8 12.43am)

I'd never done this cupcakes before, the entry for Weddings and Gifts was just a sample. Now is the real thing. My customer asked for apple green and pink (must be a baby girl). I'm not sure they are for baby shower or 'cukur jambul' but I like to look at them once they line up in the box. Sweet color choice Dalia! (Nov 8 11.26am)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 2009

Halloween pumpkin cake
It's Halloween....! My sons and daughter were so thrilled when I hoohoohoo them with the pumpkin in my hand. One of the twins thinks it's real (the pumpkin still with me at this very moment until the owner pick it up tomorrow). Sorry bebe, mama cannot light it up for you ;-)

There it is my pumpkin with a bunch of witches, cool party with cool costumes, next year I definitely wanna copy this witch party for my girl. Nimi.

This cake is for the cutest baby in my neborhood (until that title crowned on someone else - well, there's always new baby born here at my condo). I hope her mum who've been pressuring me to make the nicest cake for Reina will be satisfied. Hey there Irene! If I can touch up some more, I'll do it later. See u tomorrow at the party!

Golf cake for dearest hubby on anniversary? I've always wanted to make that dot dot on fondant golf ball and see how it's like, here's my chance and i think it does look like one

I was so excited making this cake, and the result made many faces happy especially the bday girl Nisya, my friend's daughter. It was a good party with many old friends from school and college. My life is blessed with good friends good people..

Friday, October 16, 2009

October 2009

Babyshower cupcakes I made for Zeaty, a friend of mine from college
some 12 years ago, she came with Shima yesterday, sooooo great to see them again, and none
of us have changed that much over the years, good hahh? ;-)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The making of Barbie Princess

Here's a video of my steps:

.. and here's the final product:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

JULY 2009

Baby shower cupcakes

Anniversary for pengantin lama

Poolside themed bday cake

Received this great thank you card from one of my regular customers. Thanks so much
Baby bum cake for baby shower

baby-belly cupcake superlarge size RM10 each

Babycake for baby shower RM200 (baby doll inclusive)