Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 2010 Cupcakes & Father's day

cupcakes for fullmoon

Bday cuppies

Happy Father's day to all dads who try to be a better dad everyday. For the effort, it deserves a celebration. And I will "belanja makan" the only dad that I have in the house right now :-)

Cupcakes for Wedding

Spongebob cupcakes, I like this one, colorful and happy!

Cupcakes for father's day.

Another simple cupcakes for father's day. This cupcakes are yummy, chocolate cuppies with choc ganache. I made extra for the kids and their daddy, before I could take another one, they were already finished.

Roses and Stars cupcakes

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 2010 Birthdays

Pink Train cake
My daughter says this is the best cake I've ever made, well, she says that everytime, nice ah to have your children tell u that everytime u finish a cake. I spent a lot of time making this one, I prepared all the figurines and flowers a few days earlier, it was a whole day job, and constructing the train is not easy, I doubled the fondant to make sure the crumbs wouldn't get in the way, and the base also needs double layer of fondant. But ey, at least the kids were screaming with joy when they saw this cake. Worth my sleepless night!
Btw, I'm watching Germany England now, how frustrating it would be for England after this. The whole match up until now I feel like England are not playing, the Germans run faster, the 'not-goal' should've been a goal. Oh well, I can imagine my friends in UK, Trick, Jones, Marsh, would've been with u all if I was there. It's 4-1 yall! sob sob
(June 27th 2010, 11.45pm)

Winx cake
Winx!? I made one of this few weeks ago, it was Bloom, but still haven't received the photos from my friend, "oi, when la wanna give me the pics, i bejanggut tunggu already!" Anyhow, the person who ordered this cake thanked me personally for this colorful Winx cake, said her daughter would love it so much. Thank you Tatiana, u made my day :-)

A cake for anniversary

Hehe, I wonder if this cake gives Atuk motivation to quit smoking or
keep haunting Atuk with Benson&Hedges image.

Ironman cake

Little teddy for 1 year old

Butterfly cake