Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 2010 Birthdays

As promised, there they are at Solaris Feffy's Kids Spa, Alisha and her actor brother Hadziq (in green wig) (Jan 31st, 4.05pm)

Spa cake

It's been awhile since I make a special Birthday cake. This one I like, it's for a little celebrity, a girl belongs to one of my closest friends. There're having a spa party at this very moment at a kids' spa in Sri Hartamas. I will try to ask my friend to put her photo here later. (Jan 30, 3.52pm)

One dear customer, friend and nebor. You know who u are!

Guitar Hero Cake
One of my favourites. My kids just love to whack me during 'battle'. They know mummy not good at it. One way to let them feel superior sometimes. Haha..asyik mama je bagi orders!

Dinasour cake

Strawberry Shortcake cake

Another cake that I reallyyy love to make, used to be my daughter's fav, but she outgrows it already I suppose. Glad u liked it Nina!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 2010 Cupcakes

This cake is for a boy who goes to the same kindie with my twins. His mum asked me to do both, school party and home celebration. Thanks Shereen for the order.

Liverpool Fan yall!

Hantaran cupcakes

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hola 2010!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Altho it's a bit "basi" already. I've been quite occupied with christmas and new year parties. Pre-christmas dinner by Rosie, christmas lunch at Priya's, new year dinner at Fatty Crab with the ladies, and new year dinner with hubby and friends and new year dinner thrown by Karen.

In between those parties, I had to bake and I had to settle my daughter's school books, making sure that each one was wrapped otherwise she'd be in trouble or I'd say "I'd be in trouble". My daughter is a nervous sort. If things don't get done the way she expects, she could be a pain in the **s! haha

I didn't upload cake photos for new year since they are repeat orders, meaning more or less the same design again and again. Like today for instance, I made the Oreo cupcakes again. But I DID make cupcakes for hantaran, oh well, I'll upload them when there's time. I also bake yummy cakes like choc cake with choc topping and orange cake with cream cheese icing and cheesecake. I'll include these in my price list.

My new year's resolution? Ok...I've been meaning to come up with a price list for my cakes, but it's just too difficult to price birthday cakes, for cupcakes i think i can manage. Birthday cakes are very subjective, it will depend on "what customers ask", "how long it takes to do it", and "whether the requests are within the given price".

But don't worry my dear customers, I WILL finish the price list which will give rough idea of how much a cake will cost.

What have I achieved in 2009? Well, there are many that I keep to myself, personal achievements only my heart can see.

But some general ones:

1) I managed to buy a second-hand piano for my daughter. She's gonna attend piano lesson starting tomorrow.

2) I made my twins quit their milk bottles. It was a bit cold turkey, or should I say cruel of me to...just do it!! They didn't cry but at times saying "mama, sometimes I keep thinking I cannot sleep without my botol". And I said " Well, it's ok to miss your botol, but you are going to be 6 years old soon, you can drink milk with cup already, malu la orang nampak.." And until today they never ask about their botol anymore.

Ok...I'm not going to write more than that otherwise some of the personal ones will eventually accidentally come out ;-)

I thank God for giving me this special life with my family and good friends (nebors, school friends, college and uni). It's not super duper perfect but it's enough for me. I hope this new year will allow me to invent new cakes, and I hope it will bring a lot of happiness to all of you out there.

Take care everyone,
Lotsalove from your baker