Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept 2010 Birthdays

Flowery cake for 7yr old

Optimus Prime cake
I consider this one as my fail projects. Something went wrong that day, the fondant went soft and melty. I gave the customer a big discount expecting her to be dissapointed at me, but NOPE, she came back with a warm message saying how cool the cake was, haihhh, I should believe in myself more ;-)

Spongebob cake
I like this one, my kids love SB, all 3 can sing the lyrics so well, it amazes me. I was preparing some icing and saw them having a little concert in my room, they said " It's Spongebob mummy!"

Mickey Mouse Club house cake
I just finished 200 pcs cupcakes today, it's a whole day job. Now feeling unaware and unalert of the news and what's going on in the world. Worst is when I have to let the kids being taken care of by their bibik. They are learning that mummy/mama (dono which one will be permanent) has to work for the money.

Tantrum Kids
I've been searching for ways to handle my kids. Each has a super tantrum. I came across this 2 books (will give Kino a visit tomorrow)
1) The Explosive Child by Dr Ross Greene
2) The Highly Sensitive Child by Elaine Aron
I used to think there must be something lacking in my parenting skill. My kids aren't just normal. Every single change of plan or if a friend did something unfavourable, I'd be their convenient target, and the battle isn't easy, the whole house will go chaotic. I hope there'll be some methods I could adopt so I could help my kids go through the series a lot easier than they used to.

It's peaceful and absolute quiet in the house, just the way I like it, kids are asleep, I'm left alone with minimum light at one corner of this small living room. And I dont understand why "Miley Cyrus - When I look at you" keep humming in my brain. Maybe I should call it a night and hope Bruce Springsteen will come in my dream and lullaby me Magic, goonite everyone!